Theta Healing Method in the Media

The Theta Healing Method® found an honrable place within the global media.
You may find articles in print and on the internet, interviews with Theta Healing facilitators on television
and over radio channels as well as many Youtube clips. This page offers exposure to sources in Hebrew & English as well as many video clips of Vianna Stibel. Enjoy!

Michal Golan in Hebrew:
What is Theta Healing for me

Michal Golan Interviewed
by Prof, Carasso, Channel 10

 Theta Healing Convention, Israel 2012
Or Koren, Talia Frankel, Michal Golan & Ron Paz

מגאזין חיים אחרים
Interview with Michal Golan
on Theta Healing in Hebrew
November 2015

Article By Michal Golan
"The power of theta brainwave to heal"
Internet Magazine-

מנטה המגזין לבריאות ואיכות חיים
Theta Healing:
Can Spiritual Treatment Heal Cancer?
Menta Magazine July 2011, Hebrew

The Theta Version
Article by Michal Golan - Hebrew
NRG June 2006

Theta Healing - A Gate to Infinite Possibilities
Article by Michal Golan-Hebrew
Namaste Interent Magazine 2008

A series of interviews with Michal Golan on Theta Healing
 Essence of Life Radio 2015
As part of a series on people & methods that changed human consciousness

Vianna Stibal--Creator of Theta Healing

Theta Healing Mediation by Vianna
2015 (
4:41 min)

From Rainbow Children Course
(4:20 min)

Vianna talks about her healing
2012 (14:25 min)‬

ויאנה סטייבל מנחה 
את מדיטציית התטא - תרגום לעברית

Vianna guides the Theta Meditation in Italy
2010 (7:51 min)

Vianna in demonstration

Bridging Heaven & Earth--Interview with Vianna
2009 (begins at 16:10 )

Moments with Vianna - part 1
2009 (6:52 min)

Moments with Vianna - part 2
2009 (7:00 min)

Vianna in Australia
2010 (4:36 min)

Vianna & Guy Stibal 
2010‬ (2:45 min) 

Moments with Vianna in Israel
2015 (1:45 דק)

Theta Healing on the News
USA 2007

Theta Healing Feedback
 2011 After Brain Injury

Vianna's Mother Testimony
(1:43 min)

Vianna on The Jake Sasseville Show‬