A Prayer of Peace for the Middle East

Oh Great Master of the Universe;

God full of Mercy and Compassion;
Bismi-llah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim;
You are the One Reality; La illaha ill Allah;
Shema Israel Adoni Elohainu Adonai Echad!

There is no other life but Your Life!
No other power but Your Power!
We are your children; Jews, Muslims, Christians, Arabs and/or Israelies
Please pour Your Love into this suffering heart that belongs to all of us;
a heart that has shriveled from pain of betrayal;
a heart that has become rigid and closed from fear of further pain.
May this Eternal Flame of Infinite Love burn everything that is unlike Itself
and may it melt the hard places where hatred has blinded the soul.
Please cast out the darkness that has polluted our minds;
Lift the veil of false perceptions and harsh judgements.
Show us who we truly are so that we may recognize it in each other.

Beloved Father,

We feel angry and confused.
We carry a heavy load of disappointment and despair.
Some of us have fallen into the treacherous arms of revenge and violence believing it can benefit us.
We take actions that cause division and sow the seeds of more pain and suffering.
Astaghfirullah. Please forgive us for our ignorance.
We are all that we know to be in this moment, but we are more than that.
We call upon Your Wisdom that lives within us all.
We know that in the center of our sorrow there is a Seed of Light untouched by the turmoil of this world; a Hidden Sanctuary of Perfect Peace and Understanding.
We ask that You illumine this garden now;
that You fertilize this seed with Your Infinite Compassion, for Your Sake.

Divine Physician,

heal our souls; mend our broken dreams.
Help us to surrender our fears to you.
Release us from any fanatic convictions that distort our view of Your Presence.
Purge the enemies of Truth within our minds.
For those of us who engage in holy wars raising their weapons against other men,
please reveal Your True Holiness.

We are tied together in one single web of destiny
Where we engage in repetitive and destructive behaviors.
Please dismantle our old identities.
Train our minds to pause in introspection and our hearts to listen.
Free us from our self-inflicted imprisonment.
Instead of pursuing worldly power, fill us with a visceral yearning for the Wealth of Your Wisdom, the Integrity of Your Law and the Generosity of Your Love.
Strengthen our faith in Your Attributes.
Remove from our consciousness all hindrances to the full realization of Your Glory!
Please sustain us in these troubling times.

Shape us into pure vessels of Your Peace;
the peace that surpasses human understanding.
Teach us reverence for all life; respect for the dignity of every human being.
Attune our ears to listen with a genuine intent to understand.
Do not let us become indifferent to the hopes, fears and sufferings of our adversaries.
Renew our spirits.
Give us new life that we may know the peace of Your Kingdom now,
as it was in the Beginning.

Almighty Ruler of the Universe,

We surrender to You our timetables, our strategies, our worries and deeds.
Guide our leaders that they may become the artisans of Your Original Blueprint.
Give them the inspiration, the courage and the patience to lead us in Your True Name.
Where there seems to be impossibility, please create a miracle
so that we may see the dawn of a new day.

Outspread Your Wings and envelop us with Your Life Giving Protection.
We want to feel safe again.
Our vulnerabilities frighten us and we lose perspective of our options.
Carry us in your bosom as we learn to trust once more.
For those of us who have been silent, let our voices be heard.
Let us boldly condemn all hostilities committed in the name of religion
and proclaim the uncompromising Truth of Your Everlasting Peace.

Give us the balanced heart and the still mind to lead without dominating;
to rule without interference and to overcome the barriers to love.
May we not rejoice in victory or be concerned by gain or loss but rather awaken within our hearts a shared responsibility for the well-being of the human family and a commitment to justice and freedom for all.

Compassionate Master;

Bless us with constant remembrance of Your Transcendent Reality.
Transform the tiny thoughts of our fragmented identity into the vast spaciousness of Your Being.
May we shift our deepest assumptions about our neighbors and ourselves so that we can manifest an unfolding future of our peace & prosperity..
Please carve a path before us. Send us Your Angels.
Let the Truth that You Are, be who we become.

We need Your help now.
Initiate us into Your Order.
Strengthen our resolve.
Restore our innocence.
May we regain our child-like state of wonder and anticipation and recover a renewed sense of awe at the beauty and mystery of life.
May we find space in our hearts to celebrate graceful moments of laughter, joy and gratitude
Please bless us with a new beginning.
May we step out of our old beliefs and greet our destiny as children of The One God.
For the sake of our children and our children’s children, please make us whole again.
Together we will triumph.

We are free in GOD
We are free in HASHEM
We are free in ALLAH
Thank You
And So It Is
And So We Let It Be.

All Rights Reserved (R), God Allmighty

Written through me in November 2000 at the time of the 2nd Intifada

Inspired by Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Saint Francis de Assisi, Tao Te Ching, Ernest Holmes, Marianne Williamson and the beloved Sheikh Abdoulaye Dieye of Senegal

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