Out on a Limb—It’s More Solid Than You Think

Just minutes before the universe is about to open its arms to us, we are ready to quit.
Just when all of our efforts are about to bear fruit, we feel utterly discouraged and defeated.
We have done the work, we have transformed our personalities,
We have sacrificed comfort and security, we have listened and obeyed
And we are out on a limb for the sake of our vision… our dreams, our deepest desires
Then suddenly, it all feels too overwhelming, a sense of unending dreariness,
a feeling that nothing seems to make sense any more, that it is just too hard…
We want to stop, to get off at the next station…
But we are already on the train of our destiny. There is no turning back, so we show up at the appointed moment despite our resigned mood.
Stripped off our expectations, empty and detached, we let go as we still move forward keeping an agreement we do not fully comprehend.
Then, something sort of unexpected happens… a magnificent alchemy takes place.
The space of surrender is filled with the fulfilment of our prayers.
The Holy Spirit is showing up as our witness, chuckling at our bewilderment.
The fruits of our work are falling into our lap with effortless ease and often not from the source we anticipated. Never the less, here it comes because we let go, because we showed up without wanting or needing or trying to control anything so that we will feel safe, because the Holy Spirit never returns our prayers unfulfilled.
Remember this principle. Never turn back at your darkest hour for in the very center of this seemingly void, there lays the treasure of your heart.
Out on limb, it is more solid than you think.
Follow your prayers and let it lead you to the safe sanctuary of your soul,
The fruit of your work,
The house of your fulfilled dreams.
Contemplate this: I show up everyday for the expression of God within me. I am led, pulled, sustained, inspired and backed up by the Creative force in every aspect of my inner and outer life.