A Poem – My Commitment

My Commitment is

the shape of my passion

an instrument of my devotion,

a vehicle for my visions. . .

to be birthed into this worldly dimension

of sensual delights, of visual beauty, of definite purpose.

My Commitment is

fueled by my love;

defined by a circle of eternal, compelling harmony,

to be peace, to give peace. . .

I weave the fabric of my life with threads of intention,

emerging out of my own heart;

tinted with love and pain and beauty…

I weave the unknown fabric of my own destiny;

forever unfolding, forever seeking completion…

Burn all the bridges behind you!

I hear the voice saying.

Burn all the bridges behind you. . .

Let the Truth that you know, be what you do.

Give away what you have in order to be what you have not yet become.

My Commitment is

the vessel through which I pour myself into this universe;

a vast ocean of being-ness,

open to receive, ready to be given away. . .

Give myself away. . .

Returning  as droplets of unimagined blessings, jewels of fulfillment.

And grace.  So much grace.

Commitment is

a spiritual marriage.

Say yes!  and watch your worry disappear.

My Beloved! Take me home!  to myself, to Yourself. . .

to that luminous, vibrating presence at the inner chambers of my heart;

to that effortless, timeless peace that is floating in edgeless, boundless space.

Be still!  I hear the whisper of eternity calling me home. . .

Make me a vessel of your will, of your love.

Give me the courage to enter the cave of fear,

to touch the depth of pain with seeds of divinity.

My Commitment is

the shape of Your passion, an instrument of Your devotion,

a vehicle for Your visions. . .

to be birthed into this world through me…

I Am.

I Do.

Michal Gaia Golan, January, 1998.