Michal, you are simply present!
My meeting with you made me feel less alone, contained protected, guided but with lots of space to breathe, to have the freedom to make mistakes… you instill confidence, your feedback is reassuring… You make me feel that what I want, is possible and for me that means, “to live”… I learned that from you… the possibility of accepting and including also what does not manifest itself; to be with the dream, to be with the dream that is not; to feel everything completely and then to choose. I trust your wisdom, your experience, the fact that you worked with ex-convicts, your ability to work with me from a distance, that fact that you read and studied a whole lot, the feeling that you really deeply care, that my story is a part of you; that when you said to me on the phone: ‘I will give you my hand, you will not be there alone’, I reached out and felt as if you held my hand and I was able to cross the abyss of my fear”
Tamar Freid

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