“Hi Michal: three months ago I was at the lowest state I have ever been in my life. I didn’t believe there was actually a way to overcome the depression, the anxiety and emotional confusion I was experiencing. I came to you a wreck and you, with so much love, patience and determination, gathered all my pieces and put them back together in a new, much better way! Now, 3 weeks past our last appointment, I feel better than ever! Better than I have ever felt in all my life!! You gave me tools that will follow me throughout the rest of my life; tools I doubt if I would have ever receive had I not met you… I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for knowing how to enter the depth of my soul and correct the broken and deformed parts. thank for being such an amazing person, listening and loving. In conclusion’ thanks for amazing sessions.
with lots of love,
Tomer B.”

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