Michal Golan

"I believe that beyond our history, beyond our personal and cultural wounds, 
we can heal our divided self and become refined instruments for the unfoldment
of our evolutionary future "

"אני מאמינה בכוח הפנימי שמעבר לאמונות להגשים את החלום, להתמיר את הכאב, לסלוח לשכחה ולהיות חופשיים מסבל ומשורשיו".


Welcome to Upaya!
I am so glad that you have decided to stop by...

In fact, I have been waiting for you.
It would be a privilege for me to support you on your path of healing, liberation, and self-empowerment;
To help you navigate through old wounds, inter-generational entanglements and limiting beliefs;
To inspire you to come to term with the past and heed the call of the soul to follow your evolutionary impulse from the future;
To liberate your greatness, authenticity and creativity;
To stay fully awake in the present moment with whatever is,
Yet never lose faith in the possibility of your dreams.
I feel excited to be one of your guides on this journey;
To be an anchor as well as a catalyst for your transformation.

If you would like to stay connected with me, I invite you to join my mailing list.
Ongoing programs are offered in Hebrew since I currently reside in Israel, however, If you wish to sponsor a program in your area, please contact me for more details.
You are also welcome to have a private session with me In Ramat Gan, Mitzpe Ramon or over Zoom from the convenience of your home anywhere in the world.
It will be an honor to meet you.

Michal Gaia

P. S. The English part of the site is a reduced version of the Hebrew one.
Things that are found on the Hebrew site but not here include information about alternative treatments for cancer (most such info is available abundantly in English, the history behind our “health business” model and how we got thus far, monthly newsletter that comes out in Hebrew, a comprehensive guide for How to strengthen the Immune System and keep up your health, and more.

What's New?


Tuesdays in Ramat Gan
The rest of the week
Mitzpe Ramon & Zoom

Family & Systemic Constellation

Individual & Group Sessions. In Person and on Zoom. Courses & Short Workshops

Collective Trauma

At the moment, Michal Gaia co-facilitates an international lab throughout 2024 on the topic of Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics.


Everything is an expression of consciousness. If we wish to change the matrix of our outer realities, we need to relate to the fabric of our inner dimensions of thoughts, feelings, habits and motivations; to master our inner world so that we can be fully alive and effective in our outer world. This website is intended to open hearts, inspire minds, facilitate healing and awaken consciousness.

Workshops & Seminars

The opportunity to participate in workshops & seminars is a privilege.
Seemingly, a learning space where you can acquire tools, professional certifications, and/or personal development experiences.
However, each person is a window to a unique reality and when people gather together,
a collective field of consciousness arises that can bring about a transformation in a much shorter period of time.
Upaya offers a variety of courses, workshops and lectures that provide a toolbox for personal and social change, healing and the advancement of consciousness.

  Personal Development Courses & Workshops
 Courses for HealthCare Practitioners
  Nonviolence Seminars & Workshops
  Shorts Workshops & Lectures

Systemic Constellation

How is our challenge in the present, affected by phenomena which happened in previous generations? What is a hidden loyalty? By moving towards the sources of the difficulty, we acknowledge what went wrong and restore the orders of love.

Theta Healing

More than just a healing method, Theta Healing tools are uplifting and effective for changing our inner experience and accelerating consciousness. We can reprogram our subconscious to work for us instead of against us.

Recall Healing - GNM

Every disease is a solution to an unconscious & often unresolved conflict. This approach allows us to understand the logic behind the formation of the illness and gives us tools to heal memories

Somatic Psychotherapy

Our body is a reliable source of information and in the integrative psychotherapeutic session, we strengthen and maintain the continuous connection between emotions, sensations, thoughts and awareness.


Initiation on a NYC Subway

It lasted no longer than a few seconds but it was a pivotal moment that would continue to inform my choices for years to come. Can enlightenment happen even on a New York City subway?
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Good, Evil & Social Justice

It is September 2005. The war in Iraq is in full swing. We join a candle light vigil in support of restoring medical benefits to veterans. Counter protesters call us vampires, pure evil
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A Middle East Prayer for Peace


Divine Physician, heal our souls; mend our broken dreams. Where there seems to be impossibility, please create a miracle so that we may see the dawn of a new day.
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